terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2011

She inspires me

Now, I understand the artists and their muses. Even painting a landscape they are inspired by the most beautiful they know.

When I moved to Germany could not see beauty in almost anything. The snow touched me but the cold consumed me. With the low temperature was also a lack of human warmth, sincere smiles, true friendships. Until the day I met her.

She looked into my eyes and patiently understand everything I wanted to say. Did not have many words, sometimes, no words.

From this day I felt welcomed, like I belong there. She already spoke five languages, was not hard to learn Portuguese too. In fact, for she, all seemed so easy and pleasurable.

In three months, we have been full of great ideas. She and I were We. Never felt so good. Never been so happy.

One day I had to leave. And once again she knew what my tears meant. We knew the time would not return back. That what was good, never happen again.

My fear was see that everything is broke. But the worst would be to see that she had not realized their biggest dreams.

I hate Germany. But I love the destiny that one day crossed her life with mine. When I remember the days I spent there, I close my eyes and pray for her. I remember your laugh with such joy that fills my heart with peace.

After I met her, I came to believe in fairies. In her lightness, wishes, achievements, criative, shine through.

I know I never see her again. But I also know that since I met her, she has permanent address in my heart.

If you have a friend who lives far away, but every day is the best thoughts to you, tell her I love you, thank you for been you, thank you to inspires me.

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Ellen Pitillo disse...

Sandra escreveu: "ellen you make me cry... you're so sweet habibi :* Soon I will have enough time and money to come visit i'm sure :)"

Um sonho a dois disse...

Great!!!Kisses for you my dairling!!!